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[ Question Meme ]

Ask me stuff! Anything about Gladiolus (Yuri Lowell), Willow (Alex Russo), Karasu (Maleficent) or even The Empress
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Obligatory relationship me
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I kid, it's a lot more positive than that. Kinda. He recognizes that she's got a moral code of her own, and that she cares for their teammates in her own way, and he respects that. It's a wary respect, yeah, but it's respect. Because his soldier lifestyle is really all he has, both here and in his canon, he's more likely to recognize the importance of team and Team, and although she's team- he'll fight and die for her, like the rest, she's in no way Team- he won't count on her to do the same, or trust her with anything important.

Honestly, before this most recent log, he was fairly convinced she was being aggravating for aggravation's sake, finding weak(ish) spots and poking at them for her own amusement. Now, he's not so sure, although he's still fairly convinced that she's more like a cat than a bird. Birds make clean kills and move on, cats play with their food.

Either way, there's some level respect there, and he trusts that she'll do what's best for the team as a whole, which is really all he can ask for.

Even if she does piss him off.

IMPORTANT QUESTION EDIT what does Gladiolus think of his team
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oh, god, uh-

Simi from the Dark-Hunters, maybe. Or Alec Hardison, from Leverage. Belle from Once Upon a Time. Possibly even my OC, Sker, although finding a PB for an alien insect would be rough.

There's like, five different characters I would play if I got the chance, it's bad.

What's the next thing Karasu'll quest for, if anything?
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He's actually happier now than he's been in a while- Delriza's back, and all that. I mean, everything took a dive with the deaf/blind crap, but I needed a reason to keep him firmly stuck in the boat until after the trauma game, and that was as good a reason as any.

But, yeah, everything's pretty much on the up and up for him, which is good, because things were teetering there for a bit.

You can choose only one character to get a castmate, who is it?
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Persona 4: I really want to say Naoto, because I'm playing as Kanji, and it's kind of a thing, but honestly, I think Yosuke would be interesting? Just their relationship has slowly evolved through the games from this really antagonistic thing, going from:

"Well, I was just wondering if he was your type."

"Oh... I get it. What you're really asking is 'Will you please beat the shit out of me, Kanji?'"

To this really cool supportive relationship in P4D. I just think Yosuke would be interesting to have in Kyr, as much as I really want to answer Naoto, because of the shippyness and their combo attack.

Dreamfall: Chapters As much as I would die to have Likho, I'm not sure he's appable, just yet. At the end of the series he will, but as of what's out now, probably not. That said, Zoe would be great to have in the game. She's clever, and quick witted, and she went through a lot of shit that would be fun to explore through the memory system.

ETA: I keep forgetting to add the question, I am bad at this.

Do you have any long term goals for your characters?
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For Kanji my goal remains the same as when I apped him in- get him to the same point where he leaves off in canon, but without the need for that hair. That awful, awful hair.

For Kian, I'm more playing it by ear. I mostly brought him in just for that weird way he makes friends- by pissing them off, and then slowly worming his way into their hearts like some kind of mold. (Seriously, in three months he got Likho from death threats to awful, awkward half flirting. It's bad.

...I'm out of brain for questions, I will edit this when i think of something.
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First impressions etc
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he's only seen one memory, stop being such a Judging Janet, Yuri!! he should look at Dan's new one though.

Dandelion likes Gladis too, but he hasn't decided yet how much of his attitude is just that, an attitude, or how he actually feels. After the fiasco of the game he's leaning more towards the former. Since he was just lying around like a sad loser on the ground. Given that Gladis had the extra experience, that did prompt Dandelion to listen to him in this instance. The fact that Sakura was also there - and counts as a kid in Dan's book - plus the weird shit they'd been seeing was enough to curb his impulse to save people in pain. As his memories progress this may be harder to do, but we'll see.

He does actually realise Gladis is an adult, though Dandelion's exaggerations mean he probably doesn't always come across as all that respectful. However, they did arrive together, so they're together in this. He takes his opinion seriously.

Dog can get his own food then!!!

What skills would you like to give Yuri back first?
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tbh it's going to be his Hundred Power because it's the lynchpin of most of his stuff. He has some other general skills like grappling cables and motorcycles, but he doesn't have a lot of skills. Since he already has a time limit in canon I'm just going to powercap his strength/speed factor.

I am also keen, much later on, to give him back the DEGRADATION of his Hundred Power, and see how he handles that in a place where he doesn't have to keep the shard in.

Any memories you'd lock until later on?
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Barnaby I think would be the only one who's really appable in a memloss game! You could maybe do Blue Rose/Karina too, but the other heroes don't get a whole tonne of fleshing out or backstory in the series. Maybe this is different in the drama CDs/manga which I haven't gone through, but I think you'd have a hard time doing proper memory registries for most of the other heroes.

Barnaby tho would be great. Especially because he already HAS memory issues, and I find that stuff delightful in memloss.

Any other characters you think you'd try in memloss?
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Logan is at the top of my list as per usual. Nia, maybe. I can't think of anyone new to try, but I'm pretty slack at new canons.

How does Charles feel about being home / what lies ahead?
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Erik is frankly glad to be out of amnesia worlds. He is also glad their world is unexploded. Things have generally gone well for him this time around but he was fully ready to get back to 'reality'. At the moment, he's focusing on the now, helping clear out the mansion and resettling into the mansion. He hasn't considered what he will do further ahead. He doesn't think he'd be a good teacher (he's wrong) and mostly he feels pretty out of the loop with the world. So he'll spend time regrouping.

I imagine he'll make trips out of the mansion to do his own business, but it'll be far less revolutionary than the stuff he got up to before. He may still feel the need to do it sometimes, but a lot of that has been burned out of him now. And in all honesty, he likes the stability. Even though he thinks it's selfish of him, he likes having a home, and Charles, and Hank. He's going to miss his team for a long while, but he's good at compartmentalising. There's a lot to do.
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obligatory relationship me SURPRISING NO ONE
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