it's time for some TRAINING

Apr. 14th, 2019 11:45 pm
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Who: Magnus and you!
Broadcast: Yes
Action: The Iskaulit & the SS Vanquish
When: Anytime during drift

[action] )


[Magnus is apparently standing in the obstacle course on the Iskaulit, if anyone's been there recently. He thought he understood the programming, he really did-- but there appears to be a Magnus-shaped hole in several of the obstacles behind him, like he crashed through them in a straight line instead of going around them. The splinters are very telling. Sorry, Peter.]

So, uh, your training room here?

[A couple sparks pop off in the background. Magnus casually uses a detached automatic tennis ball shooter as a backscratcher.]

I thought an obstacle course was supposed to slow people down, but it's not working. Maybe I hit the wrong button. Anyway, whoever's in charge of it-- you should look into that.

[Something falls over nearby. Magnus glances off camera.] Hmm... guess I can clean up before I leave. It's not safe to leave broken boards laying around.

[The feed cuts here, presumably so he can do this.]

[ooc: I got permission! The obstacle course will have reinforced boxes and boards after this, and he'll work on fixing the metal stuff he broke next system. Probably.]


Apr. 14th, 2019 10:59 pm
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Who: Ciel and YOU
Broadcast: Fleetwide
Action: On Goldstone
When: 4/14

[The teen recording the video is settled in the kitchen of the Goldstone for the moment, a cup of something hot in hand. A few people might be able to guess, and correctly, that it's tea.]

I'm sure the chances are rather slim but would anyone have a violin they might part with? Or the ability to make one.

I miss having one and playing. I used to have daily lessons before I left England.

State of Game Announcement

Apr. 14th, 2019 03:25 pm
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Hello, Dearest Fleet. We have an announcement to make about the state of the game.

Drift Fleet has been around since 2014, and in such a long span of time has seen many players, many changes, and tons and tons of creativity and talent. We've loved every moment of it. Unfortunately, all good things have an end, and this is no exception. With heavy hearts, we are here to announce that Drift Fleet will be entering endgame, after which it will be closing.

Before we get into the details on how this will work mechanically, we do want to make a few things clear for the sake of transparency. We all love this game, and we all love being mods for such an incredible playerbase. You're all wonderful! Closing this game is a very difficult decision and isn't one that we make lightly. Real-life obligations have been ramping up for all of the mods, and because of that, we're no longer able to give this game our absolute best. Instead of dragging things out and being unable to give the game the love and attention it deserves, we've decided to focus on giving you an action-packed and fulfilling ending that we hope you'll all enjoy.

With that being said, here are some bullet-point details on how this will happen:
  • The target end for the game will be July 2019, with early August 2019 being the absolute latest. We're remaining flexible on dates going forward, and will have exact dates for everything closer to when each event occurs. Business as usual!
  • As of this posting, Apps are open to any returning players with NO INVITE NEEDED. New players can still apply, but they will need an invite.
  • When we reach the last phase of endgame plot, apps will close entirely.
  • The next upcoming ship/augment upgrades (May 1) will be the LAST set of upgrades applied. ICly, the system will go unresponsive. OOCly, all updates to that point will be live, and no more changes will be made.
  • As of right now, AC will not be changing. We'll monitor the situation and make changes if necessary, but we don't foresee it being a problem.

    We will still reach the next system on 4/21, and it will be a normal system length. We'll keep you all posted on dates after that as they come up.

    If you have any questions about this, please let us know here. We'll answer any questions you have. If you prefer to send us a private message, feel free! We also have our mod contact post with anonymous comments enabled, if you need.

    We cannot possibly overstate how much this game and all of you have impacted our lives for the better. It's been an honor to be your mods, and we're ready to go into endgame with all of you to make this best series finale ever. ♥
  • video + action

    Apr. 12th, 2019 10:20 pm
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    Who: Lance and you!
    Broadcast: Fleetwide
    Action: Huntress, Iskaulit
    When: Now through the rest of the drift period

    Nyan? )

    i'm shufflin' in the rain

    Apr. 12th, 2019 07:25 pm
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    New Passengers will find themselves waking up on their new ship (listed below) with no warning. Everyone loves a surprise! Once they step into the hallway, there'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

  • Some ships have fallen to 60 percent capacity or below. As a result, players have expressed interest in fusing ships! We have a permanent submission page here with the process and forms. Ships with six or fewer people are allowed to apply. If you were considering a fusion, but gained a seventh that was shuffled by the mods, then you are still eligible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!
  • You may also purchase a crew capacity reduction through the Upgrades process.


    Kravitz -X- SS Bloodsport
    Mikleo -X- SS Huntress
    Ben Douglass -X- SS Huntress


    Keith = SS Huntress → Captain (assigned)

    Mikleo = SS Huntress -X- Captain

    Current Crew Roster
  • New Places, New People

    Apr. 12th, 2019 09:50 am
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    Who: (AU) Noctis and YOU
    Broadcast: Nah
    Action: Blameless and Iskaulit
    When: After April 7th Shuffle to April 11th

    SS Blameless, after shuffle

    [Since being suddenly transported to a space ship (and suddenly being vaguely familiar with space as well) apparently wasn't disorienting enough, clearly it was time to do it again. Noctis didn't want to, of course, because during the week he'd been stuck on the Marsiva, he'd managed to develop a decent mental map of the place.

    And now he has to start all over.

    He doesn't know where he's ended up this time, but there was music and the space feels smaller than the Marsiva. Hmm. It takes him a minute to find a wall, and then he's following it.]

    I hope this doesn't happen all the time...

    Iskaulit, April 9-11

    [So now he's found another ship! But this time he's here on purpose, but still equally lost. The Iskaulit is bigger than the Blameless, but apparently more lively, which means more witnesses if Noctis happens to run into a wall or door frame.

    Or person.]

    Gah, sorry...didn't know you were there.

    mission 02: voice, action

    Apr. 11th, 2019 10:14 pm
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    Who: Steve Rogers (AU)
    Broadcast: Fleet
    Action: Heron or Iskaulit; Work, Art Therapy, Gym
    When: During drift

    If you could have any name, would you keep your own or pick something new?

    [ If you're looking for this former star-spangled menace, he can generally be found one of two places. On the Heron, attending to his ship responsibilities, or on the Iskaulit, tentatively settling in with newer responsibilities. He can often be found in the gym, preferably at odd hours, and it's not inconceivable he might wander into the art therapy room to see what it's all about. ]
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    Who: Sansa Stark
    Broadcast: Fleet-wide
    Action: Starduck
    When: during the Drift

    ( Sansa hadn't been aware of fanmail until recently and while she's aware that the Atroma watch them and they have ratings, it is something in the back of her mind most of the time. The idea that those who watch them would send them letters is a bit intriguing and she goes to pick hers up, wondering if she can get insight into those who have them held hostage and see what they'd like more of and, possibly of more importance, what it will take for them to let her go.

    She's actually quite surprised to see a thick bundle of fanmail for her and she decides she'll open it in a video; how better to cultivate more ratings than to open these letters and see what things have been said about her? She can see rolled up drawings, too, and she wonders if there are any of Lady or Tyrion. Those would be wonderful to keep. What she finds takes her breath away. The first drawing she unfurls is of Lady, her piercing eyes at the forefront. It's beautiful. Sansa unfurls another, eager, and instantly regrets her decision to broadcast this.

    It's she and Bucky in the gym, only neither of them are clothed and she's sprawled atop him so she's more exposed than he is. Another drawing is similarly lewd, only it's she and Tyrion in a bath. There's one with a woman she doesn't know. There's written letters and she reads one, ripping it in half when it describes things she's not even done in bed with Tyrion, much less Wanda. She addresses the camera, face white and hand trembling. )

    Please, I beg you, if you get fanmail and it mentions me do not read it. Everything...the Atroma have painted me as some sort of whore who...I've not done any of these things!

    Ice Cream Maybe?

    Apr. 10th, 2019 04:50 pm
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    Who: Lea and YOU
    Broadcast: Yes
    Action: Iskaulit
    When: Today for the broadcast and during the next week for the action


    [It's been a few days since he fell asleep hard and then woke up just...remembering a lot of new things. Sure they all turned out good but they have him worried about things with Sora here and they have him also worried about his friends he just got back. Isa and Roxas and Xion. And how are the others handling things back home? Are they okay?

    He's got a lot on his mind and there's only one cure all that he knows of. So he just has to find someone who can pull it off.]

    Hey. Looking for someone up for a challenge. I'm searching for someone who can work with me to figure out how to make sea salt ice cream. I figure if we can get a recipe just right that we can really get it marketed out there for everyone in the fleet. So hit me up or let me know who you know that can help out.

    [Why talk about stuff that worries you when you can have people focus on ice cream instead?]


    [There's a couple of places you might find Lea over the next week after that. Usually it's at the gym to train or it's at the forge picking through metal pieces with a sigh. It's hard not having access to the weapons he actually knows how to use and he's feeling pretty useless right now.

    But hey, if you run into him he'll at least offer a smile. Give a wave and a...]

    Hey. You hanging out here too?

    Open Log

    Apr. 10th, 2019 09:55 am
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    Who: Hux and anyone else
    Broadcast: N/A
    Action: On board the S.S. Bishop + the Iskaulit
    When: Now open mingle

    Hux was currently at his work shop, where he spent most of his time at. He had been pretty busy since Pidge had left the ship. To a degree he missed her presence and her hard work ethic. The two had always been on edge with each other, but they learned to appreciate each other's skills and hard work.

    Millicent was preoccupied with stalking one of the mouse droids. Right now Hux was cleaning up the shield he had promised Steve upon his arrival. It was finally completed with the help of Captain Looma. Having never used a forge before, Hux found that to be an entirely new experience. It took a few trials before he was satisfied with the final results.

    Ever since he gained Millicent as an animal companion, he found that his workshop brought various visitors. Most wanting to spend time with the kitten. He pretty much ignored them with only keeping an eye on them making sure they weren't being too rough with her. Not that Millicent wouldn't defend herself it that were the case.

    When he wasn't in the workshop, Hux was found training in the obstacle course. He was either practicing the hand to hand combat he was learning from Ulaz or keeping up with his skills with his blaster.

    Hux can also be found at the Iskaulit either at the bar, one of the places to eat, or checking various places out needing to see people he hadn't checked on in a while.

    [OOC: Feel free to drop in and visit Millicent or stop by to speak to him, or start your own prompt.]

    (no subject)

    Apr. 10th, 2019 09:16 pm
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    Who: Vash and you!
    Broadcast: Yes
    Action: The Space Bar
    When: Right now!


    [It's taken Vash a lot of talking to get himself to make this post. He was embarrassed and shy which was making it very difficult. Still, it was something he had been thinking about for months now so he really needs to do it. No point to keep putting it off.]

    So, ah, I know there are some doctors on board. People skilled with magic too. Is anyone good with getting rid of old scars. Like really bag, old scars? The kind make up won't cover up?


    [Vash will also be working his bartender job at The Space Bar later on. Standing behind the bar with a big smile on his face.] What can I get you? [Come tell the bartender all your problems!]

    Twin Roses Mingle (visitors welcome)

    Apr. 9th, 2019 10:02 pm
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    Who: Twin Roses crew and pals! (Soon-to-be pals?)
    Broadcast: Video to the crew only
    Action: Twin Roses
    When: Breakfast now, mingling through the month

    [Private video to the crew]
    [It starts with just panning over the kitchen counter full of food. There are so many donuts Vash might let you have one as well as fruits, breads, meats, and eggs she managed to buy while they were still in the last system. She even managed to find a combination of squeezed fruits that made a great juice. Kind of pineapple orange banana flavored with a twist? It was way too much fresh food for just Kitty to enjoy. Normally she’d just let everyone know it was up for grabs to make what they wanted, but today she wanted to do something special—a breakfast together.

    And when they arrive they'll also find there is a little box for each of them containing some metalwork she had commissioned on the planet—a pin with two stylized roses on it in honor of the Twin Roses.]

    I hope you worked up an appetite with all that sleeping. And if you had anyone sleep over they’re welcome too.

    And even if you don’t eat or already got something could you stop by? There are some things we should figure out together. [More on that, soon.]


    Apr. 9th, 2019 10:51 pm
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    Who: Kitty Pryde (Blue), Tyrion Lannister (Red), and YOU!
    Broadcast: Video
    Action: Málum
    When: Now

    [Kitty is holding his communicator outstretched so it can better fit her and Tyrion into the frame.]

    So, with Crowley leaving awhile ago and various other employees disappearing on us we realized we’re the only ones working at the Málum which doesn’t really work for us because we have lives.

    As amusing as it might sound for me to live in this particular bar, considering my ... vast love for wine and varying other liquors. [Tyrion smirks faintly into the communicator.] As it stands, two people cannot run a place like this properly. Ergo, we need more people.

    That’s where you come in. Now hiring, well, everything. Bartenders, chefs, maintenance, maybe entertainment? [She looks at Tyrion.] Think we need a bouncer? I mean, for shifts I’m not on. Anything else?

    [Tyrion mused for a moment, before he smiled once more.] Must be willing to deal with our rather upscale environment. No shoes, no shirt, no employment. We serve everyone but we are ...what is that word? Classy.

    I’m personally open to negotiation on the shirts depending on who you are. [Smiling.] Hit us up.

    (OOC: One or both of them will reply/interview you!)

    shuffle showers bring may flowers

    Apr. 7th, 2019 05:48 pm
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    New Passengers will find themselves waking up on their new ship (listed below) with no warning. Everyone loves a surprise! Once they step into the hallway, there'll be a flutter of confetti, a playful and welcoming musical tune, and small tray with cups of chocolate-flavored pudding desserts sent along to celebrate. Welcome to your new ship, passengers!

  • Some ships have fallen to 60 percent capacity or below. As a result, players have expressed interest in fusing ships! We have a permanent submission page here with the process and forms. Ships with six or fewer people are allowed to apply. If you were considering a fusion, but gained a seventh that was shuffled by the mods, then you are still eligible. Feel free to contact us with any questions!
  • You may also purchase a crew capacity reduction through the Upgrades process.

    Noctis Lucis Caelum (AU) → SS Blameless
    Rose (Ahna Qeido) → SS Blue Fish
    Jean Grey → SS Caprine

    Felix Gaeta -x- SS Blameless
    Gil Brodie -x- SS Blameless
    Allura -x- SS Tourist (swept)
    Death -x- SS Caprine (swept)
    Elizabeth Midford -x- SS Blue Fish (swept)
    Psycho Mantis -x- SS Bishop (swept)

    Dorian Pavus = SS Blue Fish → SS Heron



    Current Crew Roster
  • ~fanmail victims

    Apr. 7th, 2019 07:17 pm
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    So on Plurk, I decided that Sansa's fans will be particularly creative (and somewhat malicious) and send her unsolicited fanfic and fanart of various ratings and pairings.

    Since I don't have everyone on Plurk, if you would like to be a victim of Sansa's fans and their dubious creativity, please comment below and let me know. If you have an idea of the subject, go ahead and hit me with that too. I'll give Sansa a post being utterly mortified at her fanmail and wanting to burn it all at some point this month.

    - Cerie

    Driftin' Away

    Apr. 7th, 2019 03:06 pm
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    Did you find any cryptids? Because it's time to leave the system! Don't worry, the weirder passengers have officially made legends of themselves in new cryptid lore.


    As of this post, the Fleet is drifting! The drift period will last until 4/21.

    Of course, you have your waystations to visit and stock up as you go. The first few are still pretty into the idea of cryptids, selling silly knicknacks and collectibles, but those fade out and become less common as you go. Enjoy the stars. The next system will be in reach in two weeks.

    And again, the Fanmail kiosk is still around! Check in on your adoring public!

    (no subject)

    Apr. 6th, 2019 06:40 pm
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    Who: Natasha Romanoff
    Broadcast: video
    Action: SS Vanquish
    When: now or later

    [Natasha's face appears on the video, looking tired but focused. Thoughtful. She also looks like the image she presents, insofar as she can control it, is intentional. She's in her quarters, but the camera is angled to reveal little aside from a blank ship wall and the edge of her bunk behind her face and shoulders. There's no fumbling.

    When the video starts, she flashes a slight smile.]

    As announcements go, this one's a bit late. As of the end of calibrations, I've been the listed captain for the Vanquish.

    [It's not an announcement that comes with any pride, or any sense of authority.]

    It has had me thinking. I know different ships treat the titles differently, take them more seriously—or less. Most of the time it hasn't mattered to me all that much.

    Not like there's any qualifications for it.

    [The 'but' in her words is heavily implied in the pause that follows, the slow way she sighs through her nose.]

    I've been wondering lately how people would like it to be. If you had a say in it—hypothetically unless you're my crew I suppose—how would you like captains to treat their job? And what would you say their job is.

    [She leans back a little, visibly waiting for a response before the video cuts out.]
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    Who: Jean Grey
    Broadcast: Fleet Wide
    Action: N/A
    When: 5 April

    ( Jean isn't a stranger to space. She isn't a stranger to time travel. She is, however, a stranger of being kidnapped to a space fleet, released, and kidnapped back. What's the deal? What's so special about her that the Atroma want to bring her back for another round? She's a telepath, sure, but there's other telepaths in the world. There's other mutants. She isn't any better than the rest of them. Still, there's a whisper in the back of her mind that she tamps down and locks shut - something she vacuum seals to keep it from contaminating the rest of her mind. You have the Phoenix Force. You're chosen. It's always you. Death and rebirth, cycling on. She turns on the camera and decides to just do it live. Stream of consciousness is still a thing in 2019, isn't it? )

    Look, I was here before. The people were cool but the forced captivity was something I wasn't a fan of. I'm just a girl, ok? There's no reason why I need to be here over anyone else and I have shit I need to do back home. How do you get the Atroma to spring you permanently? Do you have to pay them off or something? Because I think I could swing something. I've got friends in high places.

    ( It's probably useless but Jean feels the need for agency. So much of her life depends on teamwork, on relying upon others to do the right thing and do their part and she's not someone who likes relinquishing control. It takes everything in her not to just take over; this is why group projects were never a good idea in school and should be permanently banned. The Atroma can stab themselves in the eye with a rusted spork for all she cares. She just wants to go home, finish her mission, grab a slice and do the same thing tomorrow. That's it. The normal desires of a twentysomething with the most dangerous job in the world, right? Right. )

    Seriously, though. I'm not here for it. I just need to get back home and if anyone has left and come back before, hit me with your ideas. I'm not above telekinetically frying all the circuits on this piece of shit just to make a point. I think it might end in some consequences I don't want, though, so if you have ideas that aren't going to turn me into a vegetable, I'm all ears.

    +1 telepath

    Apr. 5th, 2019 01:06 pm
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    Hi, Cerie here and I brought back my other character from the Fleet, Jean Grey! Before I debut her, I'm going to check her last run here to see who she met and if you'd like to keep that CR, let me know, otherwise I can pretend she didn't meet them. She's from X-Men Blue, so she's younger than the regular 616 Jean and doesn't have the traumatic backstory (yet).

    I do most of my plotting on Discord but I do have a plurk at [ profile] tessituras that has DM enabled for everyone if you want to send me a message there. I am a little selective about who I add, just because if I have a huge list it freaks me out, but if you want to add me just let me know below and I'll accept!

    (no subject)

    Apr. 5th, 2019 09:04 am
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    Who: Lup + anyone!
    Broadcast: Yes
    Action: Heron / Iskaulit
    When: Nowish

    Hey there, fleeter friends, let me pick your brain for a few minutes, get those creative juices flowing.

    If you could have any kind of magical weapon, armor, or a fancy artifact- what would it be, and what could it do? The theoretical sky is the limit, here, this is just a fun thought experiment.

    [Toooootally theoretical. She's not fishing for new stuff to work on, no sir.

    Lup can be found easily enough in person as needed, either in her room or in the kitchen on the Heron, or messing around in the smithy onboard the Iskaulit. It's project time.]


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