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[ Tales of Vesperia App These people Please post ]

Hello lovelies. I’m here to talk about a game called Tales of Vesperia. It’s about a princess who goes out into the world to learn about her fate and to rediscover and fight for her agency. She’s joined by a lesbian mage, a sketchy old man, a dog with more badass than anyone you’ll ever meet, the best written kid of all media and Judith, the only Tales character no one hates. Oh, and I guess Yuri and Flynn are there too. For some reason. And there’s murder involved. Mmmm delicious murder.

tales of everyone is a troll and will trolololol the fuck out of you


What do you mean, murder isn’t the answer?

I could make the case that Estelle is the actual main character. It is her decisions that move the story along, her choices that hold the most weight and her actions that make her such a stunning character. Yuri tends to be her prop, supporting her cause and having her back. It’s what he does best. Estelle might seem your typical naive sheltered princess, but she’s actually one of the smarter, well-read characters, being able to point things out that others would miss because she is a fountain of radical knowledge. Because her life as a princess has taken so many decisions out of her hands, she wants to explore the world! As herself! And change and be awesome! She tries so hard and gets so far and doesn’t allow people to excuse her because of her rank. Basically, she is the most amazing princess and someone should app her.

Like the fact that broken doors are SAD
you will never see anything this cute
a high-five virgin
it’s not potato soup

Rita Mordio aka so lesbian that they made a skit all about how lesbian she is

the only person who will utilize BLAH BLAH BLAH in her spells. truly she is the genius we deserve

Rita Mordio is a tiny 15 year old genius mage. People want her expertise. People probably are thirsty for that amazing blastia knowledge. They probably prostrate themselves at her feet but she dun care. Due to being unnaturally smart and consumed by blastia research, Rita has all the social skill of a closet (see what I did there). People can betray her, so she prefers the safety of formulas and ancient magical artifacts. But with LOVE (Estelle) and other people (the party), she slowly warms up to others. Even if her preferred method of communication is violence.

you thought I was kidding about the gay? YOU THOUGHT WRONG
I was also not kidding about blah blah blah
this sums it up
gr8t social skills but she does love Estelle

Judith aka your new crush

this is nothing but truths

Judith is heartbreaking and bad ass put together into one spectacular character. She seems aloof, calm and perfectly capable of defending herself and aiming some well-earned barbs here and there. She’s wise and she’s young, she’s smart and she’s lonely. Judith’’s a goddamn queen. Her best friend is a giant space whale and Yuri as a boytoy (we assume. There are some. . . . interesting fade to blacks. It’s judith and yuri, it’s safe to assume banging). She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’ll launch you into space. Ever wanted an attack that launches people into space? Be Judith on the internet.

what a hottie

her one punch sends yuri flying and I am okay with this
everyone wants to be judith. especially other girls
are you scared yet. i am

Raven aka the most sketch to ever sketch

context will not save you now

Raven is that dodgy old man. He likes to flirt with women, fail with women, pretend he has a chance with women. He’s 35 but thinks he is old as balls and everyone lets me believe it. He’s charismatic, funny, the butt of jokes but with a serious side that will wiggle into your heart and then you will care so much. So much. That being said, he isn’t just comedic relief and can be really insightful and amusing. He puts the comedy in comedic violence and a super interesting character to do in mem-loss because of his complexes and backstory.

he’s excellent with kids
he’s determined to make the bechdel test work. .
he wants no part in this sausage fest
he’s so good at womenz

Karol Capel aka the most realistic kid written ever hearts hearts hearts

story of karol’s life

Karol Capel is the kid character who actually acts like a kid. Sometimes he pretends to be tougher than he is but ends up running away. He talks big but rarely backs it up. He’s enthusiastic, eager and very determined to find his place in his world and become as big as his idol Don Whitehorse and unfortunately, Yuri. He’s full of ideas and plans, but unfortunately he gets scared easily and people don’t respect him a lot because of that. But god, does he grow and it’s subtle and beautiful, kind of like a flower. I would fight for him on the internet especially since his development is the kind you never see coming until it hits you like a freight train. Sometimes he drives you a little nuts, but by god, you will probably never find a more accurate kid characterisation.

adorable hair ruffles
oh baby no
Karol learned murder from the best of us. Mainly Yuri
he’s surrounded by terrible people

And last, but not least . . .

Flynn Scifo the most good to ever walk the earth

this is not even the gayest. this is not even top tier gay.

Flynn is also one of those characters who is and feels like the actual protagonist. He is the moral center, a flawless knight who wants to change the law from the inside and therefore, works his way through the ranks. He’s kind, open and polite. He looks like the perfect knight. However, because he grew up with Yuri, he’s tougher and more cunning than he looks. While he will play by the rules, that doesn’t mean he won’t use the rules to his advantage. Sometimes, he can be blind-sided by the system, but his determination and dedication to people and the future means he’ll always persevere.

gayest fight? dumbest fight? most hilarious banter fight? we don’t know

I assume his role is to beat yuri up and soul gaze with him. or both.
even flynn fights over stupid things ARTES DON’T WORK LIKE THAT YURI GOD WHY DO I TALK TO YOU it’s very hard to talk about flynn with yuri ok

There are other characters like Duke the Furry Antagonist Who Is Too Pretty For This World, Patty Fleur that PS3 Pirate who is actually kind of fun, Kaufman the best non-main character, Yeager the hilarious German-accent villain and Zagi who is a cartoon villain because he can but I’m not going into detail for them.

“But Timmy, I don’t have an Xbox 360/PS3/required console!”. NOT A PROBLEM. Here is a playthrough with just the skits and cut scenes to start you off and here is a useful compilation of links for you to follow through! It’s not actually that long a watch (because you’ll probably skip 95% of battle scenes and exploration scenes) but the first playlist will help you get settled into the story without making you feel you’re missing anything. Vesperia is a stunning looking game with fantastic characters that’ll stay with you. I like to call it Parks and Rec in Fantasy Land. It’s easy to guess who would be who. Please app them.