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2017-03-27 06:16 pm

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Yuri Lowell
Judge if you want. We're all going to die eventually.
I intend to deserve it.

Tales of Vesperia

NAME: Timmy
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I went into tales of vesperia expecting angsty edgelord yuri lowell going on a journey to uncover his dark past or something. What I got instead was sassy, stressed mom friend yuri lowell who just wanted to find that fucking aque blastia and somehow ended up with too many children and responsibilities like. Follow yuri on his journey as he kills mass murdering politicians and punches an incoporeal astral blob all while trying to make sure that his 6 troubled kids and his dog stay healthy, feel supported, and have snacks.


Yuri Lowell doesn’t want to be anyone’s hero. For him, living day to day in the Lower Quarter was difficult enough. An orphan, raised by the people living there in poverty, Yuri has a strong sense of justice and compassion for people who struggle with the Empire’s unfair taxes and discrimination and retaliates however he can. Sarcastic, cynical and laid back, Yuri isn’t one to let little things like jail time and threats from Knights stop him from helping others, even though there’s only so much he can do. Once he leaves his home and witnesses the greater atrocities that the Empire commits, Yuri feels more and more helpless and bitter. As such, he heads down a darker path; vigilantism.

Yuri is kind and gentle, even if his manner of speaking and acting can be abrasive and off-putting. He is genuinely charismatic and laid back, attracting the attention and loyalty of people around him and often making younger people idolize his way of life. With a reasonable head on his shoulders (except when he can be stubborn), Yuri is always open to other ideas and possibilities and he’s never against learning and changing his ways. When his world gets bigger with his party being by his side, he realizes that he can no longer be a lone wolf and because he is tied to others, he has a responsibility to them as well. Yuri will never be a typical RPG protagonist, preferring not to get involved or doing so in a way that would be off putting to others, not caring for the moral implications, but he cares enough to do whatever he can to make it a better world. He’ll just do it his own way.

Yuri is capable of using both swords and axes in battle, though axes usually reduce his attack speed while providing more damage. He uses his fists and feet in combination with his weapons, often punching the enemy with his gauntlets instead of using his main weapon. His attacks and artes range from stylish and flashy to brutal and powerful. When compared to other swordsmen in the game, Yuri does not have as much technicality and he tends to do more tricks with his sword such as flipping it around him and spinning it during attacks. He has a good balance of speed and power in his attacks.
AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 5'11"
HAIR: Black
EYES: Dark purple
STATUS: Single
OCCUPATION: Brave Vesperia member

KILLING: Ask first

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2015-12-14 06:35 pm

[ Kyriakos Titles ]

Earned so far
Blind Swordsman [ +5 dexterity ]
Dawon Mom [ coined by Maya ]
Robin Hood [ coined by Sakura ]
Mr. Not Nice [ coined by Sakura ]

Canon Titles (to be added when earned)

If there are more, please tell me so I can add them to the list!
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2015-11-17 12:29 pm
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[ stats ] [ for kingdom daze ]


Name: Yuri Lowell
Age: 21 - 22
Job: (If/when your character finds one)

Height/Build: 5'11 / Slim
Appearance Notes: Looks like his icons! Long hair, grey/black eyes. If he's shirtless, he has a small small near his stomach.

Other: N/A, so normalll.
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2015-11-14 09:50 pm

[ Tales of Vesperia App These people Please post ]

Hello lovelies. I’m here to talk about a game called Tales of Vesperia. It’s about a princess who goes out into the world to learn about her fate and to rediscover and fight for her agency. She’s joined by a lesbian mage, a sketchy old man, a dog with more badass than anyone you’ll ever meet, the best written kid of all media and Judith, the only Tales character no one hates. Oh, and I guess Yuri and Flynn are there too. For some reason. And there’s murder involved. Mmmm delicious murder.

tales of everyone is a troll and will trolololol the fuck out of you

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There are other characters like Duke the Furry Antagonist Who Is Too Pretty For This World, Patty Fleur that PS3 Pirate who is actually kind of fun, Kaufman the best non-main character, Yeager the hilarious German-accent villain and Zagi who is a cartoon villain because he can but I’m not going into detail for them.

“But Timmy, I don’t have an Xbox 360/PS3/required console!”. NOT A PROBLEM. Here is a playthrough with just the skits and cut scenes to start you off and here is a useful compilation of links for you to follow through! It’s not actually that long a watch (because you’ll probably skip 95% of battle scenes and exploration scenes) but the first playlist will help you get settled into the story without making you feel you’re missing anything. Vesperia is a stunning looking game with fantastic characters that’ll stay with you. I like to call it Parks and Rec in Fantasy Land. It’s easy to guess who would be who. Please app them.
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2015-10-19 08:33 am
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[ Question Meme ]

Ask me stuff! Anything about Gladiolus (Yuri Lowell), Willow (Alex Russo), Karasu (Maleficent) or even The Empress